More Runescape Scams

Back by popular demand, here is a further list of scams for the popular online game, Runescape.

This list is intended to be used as a reference for ensuring you don’t fall prey to one of these scams. Using the information to scam other people is against the TOS for Runescape and is liable to get you banned.

Armour Trimming

In this scam a player gets a friend to approach whilst wearing armour. The player then asks if his friend wants his armour trimmed. As the other players viewing don’t know that the two know each other they will typically warn that it is a scam and not to do it.

The friend passes his regular armour over anyway and the player pretends to trim it. As he passes it back the friend then selects some armour that is already trimmed from his inventory and puts it on. He acts amazed and the onlookers then ask the player to trim theirs too. As soon as he has collected the armour he logs out, taking the armour with him.

Price Changing

When doing a trade one scam employed is for the player to offer a huge amount of money for something. A lot of Runescape players, especially the newer ones will glady accept the deal and think they are making a killing.

For example, they may offer 1 million coins (1 000k) for a full rune. Whilst their eager victim is distracted they will withdraw 989 996 coins, leaving a total of 1 0004 which looks almost identical to 1000k in the Runescape window.

The best way to avoid this scam is to take your time and check the second trade window before accepting.

The fake value con

In this scam the player goes to a bank and gets some worthless item out to sell, for an overly inflated price. His friend, over the other side of the bank then starts mentioning how he wants to buy said item for a ridiculously large amount of money.

Some new and inexperienced players then get greedy and think they can but from player 1 and sell to player 2 for a quick profit. As soon as they buy, both players teleport or run away.

Fake Duplicating

In this scam a player will take his victim to a secluded area where only his friends are. He offers to show the victim how to duplicate his armour. His first instruction is to remove the armour and then press Ctrl + W. This causes the victim to log out of Runescape, allowing the player and his friends to gather the armour up and walk away.

Rune-iron swapping

Here, the scammer offers a rune scimitar for a knock down price in order to encourage someone into a trade. As soon as someone offers to trade they swap the rune scimitar for an iron one which looks very similar. If the victim doesn’t do a mouseover or carefully check the second confirmation window then the scammer will likely fleece them for 25k+

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  1. Scamming is okay for a game. Not that i do it, but if u get scammed in real life, then that is a serious problem. But in a game, if u get scammed, don’t complain about it. Suck it up and put your guard up.

  2. just earn ur own money dont scam

    • I totally agree. If you give someone your money then you must be really desperate and greedy. And I know people shouldn’t scam but that’s really is what you deserve if you’re gonna be stupid and give them your stuff.
      I don’t care much about botters though unless they are mining mithril with me. That’s beyond irritating

  3. This is sad. If you fall for any scam in runescape then you obviously deserve it. The real problem is botters. You can’t stop them and they are hard to get banned. And I don’t want to hear “your a scammer” or “you don’t care about getting rid of scammers” or anything of the sort. If a scammer scams you then you shouldn’t complain. You should buck up and accept that your IQ is less than 5. Think I’m harsh, get off your computer and go outside into a world where everyone is taken advantage of.

  4. for all the ppl saying scamming is bad…lemme say 3 things
    1) why did you bother reading all this if you hate scamming..?
    2) it doesn’t take “work” to get pixels
    3) how do you know that the people who get scammed from these methods didn’t scam people themselves?

  5. :l Guys Make your own Monney instead of
    Taking monney from others Btw-u can do it i mean its not that hard
    i hated when this happened to me unexperience people taking advantage of me So scammers suck :I

  6. wow… some people.. alt-f4 works the same as ctrl-w on most windows computers with vista xp or 7…

  7. god damn scammers says:

    god damn stupid ass scammers and if you must know ALL COMPUTERS ARE DIFFERENT YOU MORONS SO ALT-F4 AND
    god some ppl are just freekin morons. and why do you want to scam ppl any ways like wolf said i aggreee the y work so hard fo rtheir stuff u morons probably wont eveen read this. MORONS!!!!! 😐

  8. Scammers suck!

  9. You are all absolutely and undeniably pathetic. You are so dimwitted and inherently ignorant that you have all actually stooped to trying to take other peoples items for nothing. There are those who work countless hours for their items and its people like you that ruin this game. Maybe you never stopped to think, but there are people behind the names and a lot of time and effort behind the items. Who knows what little six year old kid you could be scamming. All because your so lazy that the mental capacity it takes to click your own mouse and make your own gold somehow manages to escape you. Your IQ’s are probably shameful and the way you play this game really helps us to see the way you are as people. I have never been more disgusted with a group of people than i am now. I hope that you are fulfilled in your endeavors to take that which is not yours. I hope it brings you true enjoyment.

  10. i know a evil scam that got my acount banned 👿 so itriend someof these scames on mynoob acount now i got all the best stuf and got up toi the top agian :mrgreen:

  11. i am zezima and the scimmy one worked for me. i did it 8 times in one hour i also did the one about alt F4 it works really i did it on a level 58 he was such a noob when i was a level 120 it tok me forever to get that last 6 levels

  12. alt f4 doesnt work either!?!?!?!?

  13. try another scam tell sumone to drop all there items and press alt-f4 (thats the button alt not the 3 letters)

  14. man the rune scmmi 1 woked for me 3 times in 1hr

  15. alt the buttton or 3 letters?

  16. omg, y wold u try 2 d’fend Nubs frum being scam’d

  17. its f***en what else would it be for omg noobs

  18. this dosnt work

  19. uighoiuhoi your a dumb moron this is for scams idiot

  20. uighoiuhoi says:

    he is trying to avoid u from getting scamed, not scamming people n00bs, god.

  21. anonymous says:

    instead of ctrl+w you should press alt +f4

  22. wow its alt f4 now ctrl W nice try tho…

  23. these scams dont work says:

    these scams dont wrk lmao

  24. sexy beast lol says:

    wow it dosent work but the iron and rune scimi did work lol


  26. ty very much!

  27. Anonymous says:

    it doesnt work. ctrl+w does nothing

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