More You Need To Know About Ringtone Scams

The ringtone phenomenon ranges from fanatics in their pre-teens to those in post-retirement.

Adding a ringtone to a mobile is so simple that even your parents can do it!

Personal touches, such as assigning a specific tone to a friend or family member, are easily achieved by clicking a few buttons.

However, as with other types of internet downloads, you should stay alert and exercise some discretion when downloading ringtones in order to keep any ‘surprises’ from gaining access to your mobile, or worse still, your wallet.


Computers are not the only devices that are susceptible to Trojan horses and viruses.

Mobile phones also utilise software in order to offer all the now essential functions that they are shipped with.

This means that they too can be hacked or hijacked by malicious code embedded within ringtone downloads.

Check with your service provider before downloading ringtones from the net – they may offer some virus protection on their handset or network.


When downloading ringtones beware of scammers who use misleading advertising.

Whilst a ringtone may be classified as free because you don’t expressly pay for it’s use, it may incur huge phone charges through the use of expensive calls or download charges in order to actually acquire it in the first place.


A little known ringtone scam that has emerged in recent months involves fine print that, that no-one ever reads, that informs the downloader that they will automatically be subscribed to a ringtone download service which makes them liable for a recurring monthly fee.

In these instances neither the download company or the network operator are liable for refunding these subsequent charges which have been known to run into the hundreds of dollars per month in some cases.

When downloading ringtones always be sure to use trusted networks as this will go a long way to helping you avoid the problems listed above.

Always read the terms and conditions when downloading ringtones to ensure you don’t find any nasty surprises next time you check your credit card bill.

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