The Moon Landing Conspiracy. Part 3 – Silencing The Masses?

Do I believe that the US government could have faked the moon landing?


Do I believe that they could have perpetrated such a huge conspiracy without anyone talking about it?



In the previous post I came to the conclusion that America could have had motive for faking the moon landing but, if they had, would they be able to get away with it for so long?

If my understanding is correct then there were up to half a million people involved in the Apollo 11 project at one time or another.

Considering the skill levels required to build a craft capable of putting a man on the moon it is likely, isn’t it, that all or most of those people would be highly intelligent and would know whether the parts they were creating would be fit for the intended purpose or not?

Sure, if you believe in conspiracies, then it is possible that people may have been paid to keep quiet, or threatened with death, but surely to do that on such a grand scale would leave some loose ends.

To date, no-one involved in the Apollo project has come forward to denounce it as a hoax.

Even if people were scared then it is possible they may have stood up anyway, made deathbed confessions, or left messages after their deaths.

None of this has happened.

Later in the series I will talk of photographs and video footage that lends weight to the moon landing being a conspiracy.

However, the chances of such being covered up on a grand scale seem rather slim to me.

On the other hand, if the moon landings were faked could it have been kept hushed up by limiting that information to just a handful of people instead?

Find out tomorrow…


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