Money For Nothing And Your DDoS For Free

Money For Nothing And Your DDoS For Free

Spam takes many forms, ranging from the unintelligible to the absolutely hilarious. The majority of spam, however, is designed to get you to buy something. The latest spam email I received is somewhat different though as it is offering me money in return for an unusual service.

Money For Nothing And Your DDoS For Free

The title of the email was rather eye-catching as it said –

“Here You can buy DDoS”

(If you don’t already know what a DDoS attack is then read What Exactly Is A DDoS Attack)

To cut a long spam short, the crux of the email can be summed up with the following line –

“If You dont like Obama come here, you can help to ddos his site with your installs [sic].”

So, instead of trying to peddle some junk, or infiltrate the recipient’s computer with malware, the spam is actually trying to solicit a DDoS attack on President Obama’s website!!!

A link within the email leads to a website where the visitor is openly asked to install the DDoS software. Payment is offered in return and the visitor is even asked to refer their friends so that they can become involved too! I obviously didn’t install the software so I don’t know if it really is a DDoS program or not.

More than likely I reckon it is just a new, maybe even clever(?), method of tricking people into installing the latest Trojan.

Helpfully Comically, the site advises that installation may be hampered if the user has antivirus software installed on their system!

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