Modelling Scams

Many young, and even older, women dream of becoming a model, having their face well known and earning good money from their looks.

There is such a large number of scams concerning offers of modelling work that, in America, the Department of Consumer Affairs have found it necessary to issue guidelines to those hopeful of pursuing such a career.


The main advice that they give in order to avoid modelling agency scams is to check the legitimacy of any modelling or talent agency in advance. They further advise that genuine organisations do not require any type of fee upfront for the services they provide.

There are many, however, who would disagree with this advice, suggesting that models will indeed need to spend many thousands of dollars typically, in order to start to create a name for themselves.

If that is the case then wannabes need to be careful in order not to throw money away on a scam.

There are a few different variations of the modelling scam and these are probably the most common or well known ones –

1. The Portfolio

Every aspiring model knows that she needs a good quality portfolio of photographs to show to prospective employers.

What they may not know, however, is that there are a great many scammers operating in this market.

Photo shoots are often discovered, or offered, through websites, direct mail, even some agencies.

Whilst many are perfectly genuine there are also many where the company will take payment up front before disappearing or take sub-standard photographs.

In some case photographers are employed via a kick back system and the program exists purely for making money for the operator with no regard for the wannabe model.

2. The Conference Room Meet

In this variation of the modelling scam prospective models are enticed into appearing at a conference room or hotel.

The promise is that, for a handling fee, the operator will guarantee modelling work.

However, it is often the case that a large sum of money is required up front – the handling fee needs to cover the cost of hiring the room and other expenses after all.

Seems fair enough until the model turns up to realise there are a couple of hundred other people booked in too and the company behind it is nowhere to be seen.

3. The Modelling Website

With so many women hoping to find fame and fortune as models it is no surprise that unscrupulous webmasters have entered the market.

A website can be a fantastic way of gaining exposure for a promising model, offering the opportunity to show off a portfolio of photographs, along with contact details and examples of experience, to a potentially unlimited audience.

However, there are some scammers who will charge huge sums of money to these hopefuls in return for some pretty basic coding.

Not only that but they may make wild promises about the number of visitors that will be received.

As anyone in the internet business knows, adding content to a website is easy, gaining visitors is extremely hard and no results can ever be guaranteed.

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