Miranda Kerr’s Email Account Hacked, Threats Made

Twenty-nine year old Australian model Miranda Kerr (and, yes lads, the picture of her below IS your Valentine gift of the day) has revealed how her personal email account has been hacked, an act that has left her family feeling threatened.


Kerr contacted police on Tuesday after receiving threats in her personal email account (not via a social networking site as has been reported in some quarters) and an immediate investigation has been launched.

Detective Superintendent Col Dyson of the New South Wales Cybercrime Squad said,

“We have contacted her service provider and are now trawling through her account as part of our inquiry”

Kerr has already taken to Twitter to explain that the perpetrator should ‘expect a knock on the door at any time’ –

The Victoria’s Secret model, who is married to Orlando Bloom, is also quoted as saying,

“It was something that was personal and that threatened to affect my family, so obviously I’m taking it very seriously.”

No further details about her account hacking or the nature of the threats is known at this time as police have asked her to keep quiet on the matter whilst they continue their investigation.

photo: thebigshop99

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