Mikeyy, Twitter And Searching Tell You All You Need To Know About Fake Anti-Virus Products

If you use social networking site Twitter then I would be highly surprised if you haven’t heard of the StalkDaily/Mikeyy worm that was running wild on there a few days ago.

You may be tempted to turn to the search engines in order to find out more.

If so, be careful :

According to Patrik Runald, chief security advisor at F-Secure, some of the results returned by your favourite search engine may not lead to the content you were expecting.

Instead, through a series of redirects, searches for Mikeyy lead to malware.

Whatever you may think of spammers, they tend to be anything but stupid.

Mikeyy presented them with an opportunity to put their fake anti-virus products and other related junk in front of a huge number of eyeballs.

Via F-secure’s weblog Runald said –

‘No surprise at all that Google searches for information about the Twitter worm would lead to malware sites; it was really just a matter of time.

Especially not after all the talk about it over the weekend and the guy behind it confessing everything.

Malicious search results about popular news are something we see very often unfortunately.’

F-Secure’s article then proceeds to show how at least one of Google’s first page results for ‘Twitter worm’ could ultimately lead to the installation of a security product known as WinPC Defender which reportedly returns fake malware results when it is run.

Runald said –

‘Like all rogue security products it will tell you that you have malware on your PC and that you have to buy the product to remove them.’

Of course the need for the spammers’ solution is false and the price is over the top too – $69.99 is significantly more than that charged by reputable anti-virus and anti-malware vendors.

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