Microsoft’s Bill Gates Gives His Millions Away

The following email is one that I’ve had on my hard drive for a couple of years but actually received for the first time in the mid-1990s I believe.

Microsoft, of Xbox 360 fame, used to be known for their somewhat wealthy founder Bill Gates who was once the richest person on the planet.

He lost that crown a while back.


Perhaps this is why –

No, it’s true.

I thought it was a scam, but it happened to a buddy of mine.

It seems that Microsoft is testing some new program for tracing e-mail, and the company needs volunteers to help try the thing out.

He forwarded me an e-mail that he received from Microsoft–and get this, from Bill Gates himself!

Two weeks later, as a reward for participating, my pal received a check for thousands of dollars!

Erm, yeah, right.

This email is, I would have thought, a patently obvious hoax but my web stats suggest a few people are online searching for it, especially in the last few weeks.

If you have received this email then remember it isn’t true and has been in circulation for close to 15 years!!

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