Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Available From To Morro

Microsoft Security Essentials beta

Microsoft Corp revealed yesterday they they will release a public beta of their free anti-malware software, formerly known as ‘Morro‘, tomorrow.

The program, now known as Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), is suitable for use with their Windows XP, Vista, and the upcoming Windows 7 operating systems.

Whilst clear on the date of the beta release, Microsoft were remaining vague over the possible shipping date of the finalised product, confirming only that it would be some time during 2009.

What is clearer, however, is that MSE will not be available to those who are running pirated copies of their Windows operating system.

Microsoft have pitched their new Security Essentials product as a basic antivirus and antispyware program which has been designed to consume far less system resources than other commercial alternatives.

Although it is a completely different product, I’m thinking MSE will probably appear to be quite a ‘lite’ product with a simple interface, much like Panda Cloud AV.

The information I have is that the public beta of Microsoft Security Essentials will be available from tomorrow, Tuesday, June 23rd, to users in the US, Brazil and Israel.

I’m none to sure when I’ll be able to get hold of it in the UK but will do so just as soon as I can to see how it compares with the competition.

If you’d like to try out the Security Essentials beta then you should be able to download it from Microsoft site from tomorrow…

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  1. Anyone tried this yet? Is it any good?


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