Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Update Quickly To Avoid Internet Explorer Drive-By Attacks

This month’s Patch Tuesday from Microsoft is an important one as users who don’t update quickly may be leaving themselves open to drive-by attacks (in which malicious code will be downloaded onto their computers without their knowledge as they surf the web).

Internet Explorer

All in all there are 7 bulletins in this coming Patch Tuesday (the 12th of March) of which four are rated critical and the remaining three are deemed important.

The critical bulletins address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Silverlight, Microsoft Server and Microsoft Office. The important bulletins are for Windows and Office –


As you can see in the image above the first three bulletins deal with remote code issues and the fourth, for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Server Software is connected to escalation of privileges. The fact that this one is rated critical seems to suggest that it may be getting exploited in the wild.

So, even though applying the patches may be a bit of hassle for you, don’t delay and get them installed straight away in order to avoid any potential future security issues.

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