Microsoft Office Outlook Web Is Being Spoofed By Hackers

Most hackers live by the credo, “keep the attack simple”.

Old school hackers loved the technical difficulties that they would encounter while trying to break or bypass new technology.

The bad guy hackers of today like their access to be simple, and attacks to be non-complicated.

This is why they go to great lengths to try to fool someone, instead of trying to break through the person’s security.

The low hanging fruit are the victims who are mostly attacked on the Internet.

ms office

These are the people who will click on anything and are not careful about the places where they use their passwords.

Email Phishing

According to, there is a major email phising campaign going on right now.

Hackers are sending emails to people, and telling them that there is a new security feature being added to their Outlook Web Access account.

It tells them that they need to sign in and press a button to upgrade the account or they will be locked out.

Of course when they click the link in the email, they are sent to a page that only looks like the official Microsoft version.

In reality the page leads to a server that the hacker controls and the information that the person types in will be stored on the server as well.

The data will lay dormant until the either the hackers sells it or uses it for themselves.

Zbot Trojan

Not only is the information about the user stored, but then they also have a Trojan that is released onto their computer as well.

It is a variation of the Zbot trojan and as we know from past use of this trojan, the virus can have very bad consequences.

This trojan is turning into the malware that hackers can go to to get the job done easily and quickly.

The good news about that, is if you have an updated anti virus running on your system, it should be able to catch the signatures very quickly.

Spoof sites such as this are rising in number and becoming more creative.

There are too many people that are fooled by these sites for the number to go down.

The profit incentive is too great.

The best way to fight the rise in these types of sites, is to educate the end user of what to look out for.

We also have to move away from users clicking links in their emails.

They do not know which ones are good and which ones are bad.

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