Michigan Taxpayers Give $1.2m To Scammers

If you are foolish enough to fall for a Nigerian advance fee fraud then what do you do?

In the Michigan county of Alcona, it is alleged that Thomas Katona, the former Treasurer of Alcona County, embezzeled up to $1.2m from the county’s coffers to give to pursue the fortune he was being promised.

Having already “invested” $72000 of his own money, Katona has been charged with nine felonies. Local bank employees had warned Katona that he was being duped, however this did not prevent him from sending $186500 to eight oversees accounts, six of which were to known scammers.

After the bank employees informed the County office what was transpiring, they led an investigation which eventually showed around $1.2m to be missing from the County’s funds.

So not only has Katona lost a huge sum of his own money but he has also drained the County budget, and now also stands to lose his freedom on account of his alleged fraud and embezzelment.

This is a very real consequence of falling for the scammers’ ploys. Losing life savings, pensions and insurance policies can often end up being insignificant when compared to the prison sentences the victims gain through becoming fraudsters themselves to pay for their greed.

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