Mercia Pavel Sues God For Fraud

A few weeks ago one Mercia Pavel, a 40 year old Romanian, attempted to make a legal case against God.

Pavel, currently serving a twenty year prison sentence for murder, was said to be hopeful of sueing God for fraud.


Pavel suggested that his claim would be successful because he had a made a bargain which had obviously not been kept by God.

His reasoning for this belief was that his incarceration was proof that God had not delivered him from evil.

Furthermore, Mercia Pavel added that he had,”…made a deal with the defendant aimed at freeing me from evil. But the latter has not respected that agreement until now, although he received from me various assets and numerous prayers,”

God, however, will not face justice. The local court in Timisoara, Romania, ruled in favour of the Orthodox Church who are God’s representatives on earth according to Pavel.

Bizarely, the official reason for dismissing the case is quoted as,”God is not subject to law as he does not have an address.”

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  1. grrrr – I just came across that one myself. Oh well, I still have yet another related instance to post about in a short while….

  2. Perhaps a little more recently, a nebraska state senator is also suing God…,2933,297121,00.html

  3. By the way, the above post, my husband is released from prison when he was not supposed to see the lite of day.. This is a miracle like the “making of the wine at the wedding”. My husband is a new man and though your circumstances may be different, the same God will never forsake us or leave us. wami

  4. My husband began two 45 yr. (consecutive) sentence in 1975. In 1978, he was transformed by the power of the Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He didn’t sue him, get mad at him, or get radically minded.. He simply gave his heart to the Lord and the Holy Spirit engulfed him with his LOVE, took away his Vengence, HATE, BITTERNESS, VIOLENCE, BIGOTRY, ANIMOSITY, And transformed him into the most caring, patient, just, fair , devoted man I know. The miracle was because my husband BElIEVED that this man JESUS came to this earth for salvation, mercy and grace. We must earn that RESPECT for HIM and not Blaspheme His name in an earthly court of Law. The Lord has plans for Satan. It is all in the New Testament. Read the rest of the book………….

  5. I thought the reason for dismissing the case was interesting but surely it should be because God is Almighty.

  6. I’m going to see what else I can dig up about Mercia Pavel as it goes – I’m interested to know what motivated his claims too.

  7. What a joke! Is this guy after publicity to help with a parole board hearing or something?

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