Men, Monkeys And Mischief – The AIDS Conspiracy

The AIDS epidemic has devastated millions of people’s lives around the world since it was first recognised in 1981.

AIDS, also known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a disease of the human immunity system which is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).


The majority of people I know believe that HIV and AIDS are naturally occurring diseases that have either just recently evolved or have been around for a long, long time without being previously detailed and investigated.

A minority of my friends believe that AIDS may have been created in a laboratory as some sort of biological weapon.

The former are supported by the official research into AIDS whilst the latter are often laughed at.

Is it possible, though, that there is some sort of AIDS conspiracy?


The most generally accepted origin of AIDS is the one put forward by scientists over the last twenty years or so.

Like the conspiracy theories I’ll mention shortly, there is a difference of opinion in the scientific community as to where and when the first human infections took place, though typically the means of infection – via a chimpanzee – is largely agreed upon.

The consensus of opinion is that a chimpanzee, which was carrying the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV), was hunted by a tribesman in Central Africa and that the virus, which is remarkably like HIV, was passed onto him from the chimp’s blood which made contact with an uncovered wound.

This hypothesis was lent extra credence in 1999 when a team from the University of Alabama proved that AIDS was transmitted to humans from a single subspecies of chimps after investigating the body of a dead chimp called Marilyn.

There is less agreement on when HIV was first passed onto mankind however.

Whilst most scientists tend to agree that it happened in the last century, cases of HIV are thought to date back as far as 1880.

The first reported case of AIDS was not dated until 1959, however, and even then it was applied retroactively to blood samples that had been taken at that time in the Leopoldville region of the modern day Democratic Republic of Congo.

It is believed that AIDS came out of Africa via immigrants, merchants and sailors who were unaware that they were carrying it due to the long incubation period during which time there would be no symptoms whatsoever.

It is likely that AIDS reached America long before it was officially recognised in the early 1980s.


Did the short history and explanation of AIDS, above, convince you?

If not, you may have just become a conspiracy theorist!

Talking of conspiracies, in 1996 a Dr Leonard Horowitz released a book (‘Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional?’) which was like mana from heaven for conspiracy theorists.

What made Horowitz’ book even more sensational was the fact that it claimed that AIDS was spread amongst the black and gay communities via experimental hepatitis B vaccines in the 1970s.

Before you cry foul and point out that no government would ever do such a thing you should, perhaps, read about ‘The Tuskegee Experiment‘ which shows how black syphilis sufferers in the 1930s were allowed to go untreated, something which former President Bill Clinton ended up apologising for in the 1990s.

If  a government can allow something like that to happen then perhaps they could deliberately allow AIDS to spread and, not only that, but blame it on the gay community too in order to disguise their involvement?

As for why those in power would wish to spread AIDS, the answer is simple – population control.

If you believe in the New World Order then you will already know that reducing the world’s population by up to 90% is one of their chief aims.

If, on the other hand, you do not believe in a shadowy band of powerful bankers who have their hands in just about every cookie jar there is then re-read the official version of AIDS and don’t scroll this far down the page again!

There are, of course, other non-official theories on AIDS besides the one I just described.

One such theory revolves around a ‘polio vaccine’ that was given to inhabitants of the Congo in the 1950s.

Derived from a contaminated chimpanzee kidney, the vaccine may have been responsible for transmitting the disease to millions of humans.

The vaccine in question was created by a Polish virologist called Hilary Koprowski and could, some say, have led to a mutated form of SIV which presented itself as HIV in humans.

Could either of these two conspiracy theories be true?


Personally, I don’t believe that anyone is qualified to state categorically how AIDS or the HIV virus came into existence.

There is no undeniable proof available, merely hypothesis and educated guesses.

Sure, the US government has the means and funds to create deadly viruses if it wishes to, though I doubt they would be able to contain such an act if one were to be deliberately let loose in the world.

On the other hand, humans and chimpanzees have coexisted for 250,000 years or more.

Interestingly, scientists believe us homo sapiens originated in Africa so we’ve been around simians since our history began.

With that in mind, why did it take until 1880 or later for humans to catch a mutated form of SIV from their cousins.

That doesn’t make any more sense that the wackiest of conspiracy theories does it?

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  1. chris green says:

    There was a documentary made by ITV (United Kingdom) and broadcast about the middle of 1983. It was about how AIDS/HIV came about.
    It said the first known case was a laboratory worker who had become infected (presumably in the 1970’s). It just so happened that the victim was homosexual. So should we assume that the infection was deliberate or just coincidence. Either way, it would fit in with a NWO agenda. I have assumed until now that it was something that the US Government were trying to cover up and that is why they came up with the cover-line about apes and SIV

  2. hi i would like to say that i feel very sad for all the victims of aids. i know a lot of people who are gay and they are very friendly, i just hope there is a remedy for the situation. from a very caring friend

  3. Who has the most to profit from AIDS? Follow the money…

  4. evil is evil says:

    Now do not get your knickers in a twist. The proper way to assess whether it was an accident or not is to count the dead.

    So far research shows that about 12 per cent of all males, across the board are homosexual. Now since AIDs miraculous appearance in the late 1970s, about 3 per cent of all males should have died of AIDs. This includes politicians, lawyers, generals, admirals, and other government employees down to the local level. Children of said people have an almost total immunity to AIDs. Funny AIDs is not hitting them.

    Gee, I wonder if these people were all not descended from apes and have a miracle gene that prevents them from getting AIDs.

    Not one single senator or congressman has been reported to have died of AIDs. Great genes, eh? Just how stupid are you?

    • So I guess your saying you believe that AIDS is a government created conspiracy?

    • yes…i definitely believe HIV virus is man made…. i have studied this in depth and other so-called conspiracy theories…..

      in order to understand why gay/queer people are being killed off just go and see what the agenda of the “Illuminati”…is… eugenics….to kill off 5+ BILLION or so ‘human beings’….we are called ‘useless eaters’ by the NWO elites….

      imho the Navy created HIV at Ft Dietrich military lab test area…..all the information is out there for u to read…..sad, but true…

  5. was aids devoloped to destroy the third world as we already have a cure 2 prolong the disease, and this is nt available 2 the third world, have we got the real cure 4 aids? have we infact made this disease as a culling process? is this are process to elimante the larger countries for are exsitence?

    • Those are the sort of questions I’m alluding to!

      What do you think Red Wine?

    • they introduced aids INTO Africa. the elites or Illuminati/NWO want to kill off the majority of the negro/black population in Africa and everywhere else…. they will pick over Africa for any valuables they can get…

      check out david icke or jordan maxwell….. or

      read and learn….it is not kindergarten in the ‘real world’…..

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