Mega To Accept Bitcoin As Payment For Subscriptions

If you have Bitcoins burning a hole in your virtual pocket and don’t fancy a Domino’s pizza then there is now another new way to spend them thanks to Kim Dotcom and his Mega file sharing service.


Dotcom revealed on Twitter that subscriptions, costing between 9.99 Euros and 29.99 Euros per month, can now be purchased with Bitcoins via Bitvoucher –

Using such a currency service for a site like Mega certainly has a certain type of appeal to it considering that it is a payment method that doesn’t require users to reveal any of their personal details during the payment process.

For Bitcoin this is another win as the virtual currency slowly starts to attract attention from more mainstream sites following the news that WordPress began accepting bitcoins at the end of last year –

“With Bitcoin we join a new digital economy that doesn’t leave anyone behind, essentially making financial transactions open source — something is behind 100%. We’re proud to support bloggers from all over the world by providing a Bitcoin option.”
WordPress blog

– and the recent announcement from Reddit that users could use it to pay for their ‘Gold’ premium service.

“We’re using Coinbase as our bitcoin payment processor and Stripe for credit cards. Right now we’re only accepting credit card payments from the US and Canada, but bitcoin payments can be made from anywhere in the world.”
Reddit blog

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