Mega $13,500 Bounty On Offer To The First Person To Break The Security On Kim Dotcom’s New Site

After some early criticism over the security of his new file storage service Mega, owner Kim Dotcom has offered up a bounty of 10,000 Euros (just over $13,500) to the first person who successfully breaks into the site.


Back on the 22nd of January Kim Dotcom said he would offer up a prize to hackers after his site security was scrutinised by Forbes and Ars Technica. He said that Mega would soon be improved via new security measures including the ability to change passwords. And he now seems rather confident that Mega, which surpassed one million users within a day of going online, is somewhat more robust:

The full details of the bug bounty program on offer –

“Immediately after our launch, our security model and implementation came under intense crossfire, most of which turned out to be damp squibs (Forbes and ars technica published two of the worst examples). We have, however, also suffered three direct hits, and we want more! To improve MEGA’s security, we are offering rewards to anyone reporting a previously unknown security-relevant bug or design flaw.”

can be found on the Mega blog.

As for the success of Mega in other areas, the site is already hosting in excess of 50 million files and Dotcom claimed that a mere 0.001% of the files on Mega have been taken down for copyright issues. Whether the figure remains that low remains to be seen however…

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