McAfee’s Q1 Threat Report Shows Rise In Koobface And Spam

Old threats die hard. McAfee’s latest threat report shows that some old favourites are either still around or even in the ascendancy.


Some of McAfee’s findings aren’t overly surprising – malware in general (PC malware is up 28% this quarter), plus mobile malware, is steadily growing. To put things in perspective the company state that they detected some 792 samples in the whole of 2011; in the first three months of this year that figure had become 50,296 samples!

Again, unsurprisingly, the report highlights that the majority of mobile threats centre on the Android operating system. What is new here, however, is the fact that the Android threat is evolving into targeted attacks as well as spyware.

Spam has shown a dramatic turnaround during this period it seems – after several years of steady decline the bane of everyone’s email inbox is back with McAfee reporting that worldwide spam doubled in the first quarter of 2013.

Another familiar threat that persists is the Koobface worm that specifically targets Facebook. instances of this worm have tripled since the last report.

Other growth areas of note include AutoRun malware and stealth malware that attacks the Master Boot Record.

Read more in the report.

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