McAfee’s 2013 Love, Relationships And Technology Survey: 3 In 10 Exes Contemplate Posting Risque Pictures Online

“Please girl love me for all time,

Sweet Valentine won’t you be mine,

Photograph me naked your so fine,

And when it ends post it all online.”


Alas, it is a sad fact of life that many relationships do come to an end, despite what the media might be telling you, what with it being Valentine’s day and everything tomorrow. Fortunately, most break-ups aren’t too damaging in the longer-term but,┬ásometimes, we do have a “wrong ‘un” in our past and thats when things can turn nasty.

Of course, when things were good, you may well have shared everything with your significant other, including your various passwords and user account details, bank details and other personal information. For those of you who were married, the sharing of bank info won’t make much difference as the lawyers will get hold of that anyway but, for everyone else, sharing other data can really come back to bite you if your ex is so inclined.

According to McAfee’s 2013 Love, Relationships and Technology survey some 77% of adults have had some personal info leaked without permission. In the instances where these leaks came from a partner the reasons cited were as follows:

  • 48% – cheating on me
  • 41% – breaking up with me
  • 38% – lied to me
  • 23% – called the wedding off
  • 15% – posted a picture somewhere with someone else in it
  • 3% – other

And for those of you who enjoy taking ‘action shots’ with your beloved – remember that the survey suggested that as many as 3 in 10 exes had threatened to post risque pictures online following a break-up (and this applies to both men and women interestingly).

So, besides the over priced roses, what else are you going to share with your beloved tomorrow?

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