McAfee Antivirus

The next antivirus product I’m looking at is a long-time favourite of mine, McAfee.

McAfee Antivirus

One of the best known manufacturers of antivirus products is McAfee.

As any good antivirus product should be, it is equipped to deal with the spread of viruses, be they from emails or any other avenues. McAfee also deals with worms quite effectively.


Using McAfee is as easy as any other antivirus program I have ever used.

The default settings offer adequate protection without any tweaking required. This security covers aspects such as Trojans, worms, viruses, Java applets and even Active X controls.

Additionally, McAfee also offers a privacy service, firewall and email spam killer.

Last year McAfee antivirus won two prestigious awards – the VB100% award and the ICSA award, both for the field of detection of viruses.

New Definitions

McAfee is constantly updated with new virus definitions, as and when they are discovered.

This ensures that your system is quickly updated in order to stave off new threats.

The Antivirus Team

McAfee employs an Antivirus team who constantly remain on the lookout for new viruses and other threats which may pose a risk to your system.

If you have specific questions, or need help, then they can be contacted by various means, such as email, or by sending documents or by telephone.

However, it should be noted that the email response team can take up to as long as 5 days to issue a reply.


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  1. I;ve had McAfee since, like it first came out. Works well, what more could you want?


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