Maxney Defaces City Of Akron Web Site

Earlier today hacker Maxney of the Turkish Ajan Hacker Group defaced the official web site for the city of Akron in Ohio.


The site – – has been tidied up a little now, though it does show an error. Earlier, however, it displayed a message in both Turkish and English which read,

“Since today, you have been trying to bring Middle east under chaos, United States of America, which is controlled by Zionist jewish people to achieve their goals for centuries. While youre trying to draw the map of 100-200 years later from now, you are trying to make Muslim people fight each other and finish-waste themselves and, we can’t just spectate it. You are a country which bombs its own state, kills its own citizens, and blames the Muslim for it and tries to equate terrorism with them. This only suits insincere people which lack of human values,you.

#USAIsTerroristCountry #KillerUSA #Killerisrael #Damnisrael”

In addition to the defacement a 1.27 MB file was also made available which appears to contain names, addresses and Social Security numbers of Akron residents.

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