Marriage Fraud – Whats Love Got To Do With It?

Many people get married for reasons other than love. Marriages of convenience, or ‘marriage frauds‘ are rapidly increasing. So much so, that it may be fair to consider it as an organised crime.

Every year, a number of people are earning huge amounts of money, simply by pretending to be in love with someone else.

As love is such a subjective matter, marriage fraud is inherently difficult to prove, allowing many perpetrators of this crime to get away with it.

That’s why so many people will engage in a scam marriage – they may know that it is a federal offense, but they also know they can make a good deal of money at virtually no risk to their liberties.



Probably the main reason for fraudulent marriages is immigration.

Many countries have controls in place that deter or prevent illegal foreigners from entering into the country, or taking employment, state benefits, etc.

Those who are married to existing citizens of a country, however, are typically exempt from any such constraints.

The majority of illegal immigrants are probably looking to enter certain countries in order to pursue a better life than they could ever hope for in their own nations.

Governments, however, are concerned with the issues of terrorism and social security fraud that these illegal immigrants can pose to their countries, not to mention the political effects that an immigration policy can lead to.


The level of manpower required to detect marriage fraud is huge.

Many such ‘married couples’ are extremely careful and take measures to ensure that they are not caught out, by sharing a house and bank accounts for some time, for example.

For this reason, it is next to impossible to secure convictions in such cases, unless one partner becomes careless.

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