Manchester City Scouting Database Hacked?

Manchester City Football Club believe that their online performance analysis system may have been hacked.

The system, known as Scout 7, is a database that holds scouting reports for every player that the club has looked at both home and abroad. Manchester City have now brought in ‘computer espionage experts’ in their quest to determine exactly what has happened.


According to the Sunday Mirror the alleged infiltration may have come from a rival Premier League team and is thought to have led to the Manchester club’s hasty acquisition of Shaktar Donetsk’s Fernandhino for £30 million and Seville’s Jesus Navas for a reported £24 million.

Without further information it is hard for an outsider to know for sure whether a hack has indeed occurred or not – lets not forget that the scouting industry is relatively small and many clubs will be looking at the same players. There is also the possibility that data could travel between rivals as scouts move between clubs, though there does tend to be an element of gardening leave under such circumstances to try to lessen the chances of this happening.

With the Premier League, and football in general, attracting more and more money such an incident just goes to show the importance and value of a company’s private data.

photo: stella_gonzales2003

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