Managing Your iCloud Settings

Apple’s new iCloud platform gives you a centralised solution which can be utilised to manage your documents, files, music and photos from just about any computer or iOS device. (learn more about iCloud features) The iCloud is, in simple terms, just regular Apple branded cloud storage, albeit with many great features.

It provides a management system for keeping all your files and folders synched between a number of static and mobile devices, ensuring an up to date copy is always available from the cloud. The iCloud setup application will help you manage your iCloud settings.

iCloud settings

When documents or any other type of file are created on a device which uses the iCloud they will get stored in the local applications sandbox before being moved to your iCloud account later on. From the sandbox the files will be moved to the local system managed directory and then onto the iCloud.

With the iCloud storage service all files are required to be stored locally. This prevents the potential for large amounts of conflicting changes all happening at the same point in time. The iCloud storage service uses file coordinators to make changes between the service and the applications,  that allow the transferring of documents to and from the iCloud. The file coordinator acts as a locking mechanism for documents, making sure that the applications and the storage service don’t both attempt to modify the document at the same time.

Those applications that are responsible for storing documents on the iCloud will specify one container or more containers and sub-directories where the documents will be saved in a your iCloud account. The application will have the ability to control, name and create their own storage containers  but they will need to get access to your iCloud storage which gives you the ability to manage everything that gets stored inside the cloud.

When you store documents with iCloud the applications don’t need to store the entire URL: the iCloud has a storage service which handles the assigning of  URL’s to the most recent documents with the right containers and sub-directories as they move between devices and the iCloud. Whenever an application makes a query on a document the correct URL, location and version will be returned.  There are many possibilities with the iCloud… how do you use it?

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