Man who owned for a minute receives reward, gives it all to charity

Last week I wrote an article for Nak Sec about Sanmay Ved, the ex-Google Display Specialist and Account Strategist who snapped up the domain for just $12.

He may have only owned it for a minute but that was enough to get the soon-to-be-Alphabet to take notice.


The Mountain View company realised its mistake and cancelled the transaction, telling him there would be no payout under its security vulnerabilities program which regularly rewards white hack hackers with amounts ranging from $100 to $20,000.

Ved, who came across as being more than happy to have just owned the domain momentarily, wasn’t fussed – he told Google he would have preferred any cash it was willing to throw around to be donated to charity anyway:

I don’t care about the money. It was never about the money. I also want to set an example that it’s people who want to find bugs that it’s not always about the money.

Google took notice, changed its mind, and then doubled the reward in a nod to Ved’s generosity in helping out a good cause.

And thus The Art of Living India, a foundation that helps educate Indians in deprived areas of the country, benefited by an unknown amount, thought to be in excess of $10,000.

So, at the end of this story, Ved is chuffed to have been the owner of for a fleeting moment, a worthy cause has received some much needed funding and Alphabet still owns

Win win win.

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