Malware That Changed The World – Magistr

In my ever-increasing run of posts on the most infamous pieces of malware I am, today, looking at one of the most complex viruses to ever hit the internet.

I’m talking about Magistr.

the magistr virus

the magistr virus

Magistr was first discovered in mid-March of 2001.

It would sit on the target system for a pre-determined amount of time before creating havoc through rewriting hard disc sectors and erasing critical information in the BIOS.

It also contained antidebugging features which made it especially difficult to both detect and remove.

Users became infected through an infected email attachment that had been mass-mailed to them through Outlook, Outlook Express or Netscape Mail.

A few minutes after the infection was triggered Magistr would then use the host machine’s email account to mass-mail itself onto all the contacts contained within it.

Magistr was not as widespread as some of the other infections that were around at the time but it was still extremely destructive nonetheless.

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