Malware That Changed The World – Code Red

Code Red

When Code Red was released into the wild in the middle of 2001 the ILOVEYOU virus (see the links at the end of this post) was still very much fresh in the memory.

Code Red differed from many of the other viruses of the time because it had a quite specific target – computers running the Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) Web Server.

Code Red

Code Red

Code Red was designed to exploit a specific bug in the software.

Once the virus had compromised a computer it would modify the pages of the website so that they displayed a message –

“Welcome to! Hacked by Chinese!”

Next, it would then seek out other computers running the same server software and repeat the action on those too.

Around 2 weeks after infecting a machine the Code Red virus was programmed to launch a DDoS attack on certain websites which included such illustrious targets as the server of the White House!

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