Make Yourself A Harder Target When It Comes To The Bad Guys Online

When you are online you are just an IP address to everyone else. Yes, you may go on social networks and use your real name or go on a forum somewhere and are known by your alias but in reality you are just an IP address. That is how you are able to communicate online and it is how the servers that you use every time you are online see you. So no matter whether it is a dynamic IP address, meaning that it changes every time you are online, or a static one, meaning that it always stays the same, you are still what your IP address says you are.


And when it comes to the bad guys online that is all that you are as well. To them all they see is an IP address. Except in very rare cases, they do not know who you are and they do not know what you do in real life. All they know is that they have your IP address and they are able to scan the computer you are on. And most of the time, that is good enough for them to be able to perform a lot of nasty actions.

So when they are looking at all of these IP addresses the only way to really differentiate the addresses without really studying them is to see who is harder to get into than the other. In other words, the bad guys want to know who the low hanging fruit are. Because it is a lot easier to get in the machine of someone who is a low hanging fruit than it is someone who does have at least the very basics when it comes to computer security.

Believe it or not, even to this day a majority of the people who are out there do not worry about protecting their computers as much as they should. They just buy the computer and when the antivirus that comes by default runs out they never get around to either putting a free one in or renewing their subscription. They just wander around the internet vulnerable to any kind of trap that is set for them. And when it comes to a lot of these people they simply do not know the dangers of what they are doing. Even though there have been a lot of warnings when it comes to the area of cyber security, still everyone does not yet get it. And this is why you have so many low hanging fruit out there.

It is because of this reason why, if you have even the minimum amount of security on your computer, then you put yourself at a pretty good advantage of not being attack by some black hat hacker in a remote area halfway around the globe from you. With just antivirus being installed on your computer you take yourself out of the low hanging fruit category and soon become part of the minimum secured crowd. But even though that is good, that is not where you want to be. You want to be at a higher level because as long as you go up levels then you are even less likely to be attacked.

When you are going to use your computer online then you want to make yourself as small a target as possible when it comes to the bad guys on the internet. To do that you must make sure that you have everything that you need when it comes to computer security and that you use your brain as well.

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