Make Sure Your Server Files Always Have The Right Permissions Attached To Them

Some people tend to be intimidated when it comes to running a server. Even when you are just talking about running a small shared hosting server they are still worried. They fear that they are going to mess it up somehow. And that can be understandable. When you are using a server you are going to use a bunch of files and folders that you normally do not use when you are using your normal desktop computer. You also have different programs that you use on a server than you do when you are talking about a normal computer. Dealing with all of these new aspects can make a server seem like it is something that is real foreign to the average user.


But if you just take a step back you will see that the average server is no more than just a regular computer. It is just a computer that allows you to share files with the rest of the world. As a matter of fact with a few changes you can turn your own home computer to a public facing server very easily. Just like with any other computer out there it is all about learning how to use the programs that you need to get the job done.

But it is not just about the programs themselves that you need to worry about when you are talking about running a server compared to running your normal computer. You also have to worry about the permissions that you give both programs and files on the server. While it is important for you to have proper permissions on all files, folders and programs on a normal computer with a server it becomes even more so.

The reason why it is so important on a server is because you have people from all around the globe who will be accessing the machine. And if they are able to access any files that they want to then they will be able to take control of the machine. And that is not what you want to happen. You can easily lose control and maybe never get it back without losing all of your data.

When we talk about permissions on the files, folders, and programs what we are talking about is who is able to use one of these parts of the computer at anytime. When it comes to computers you usually have the normal user, the guest, and the administrator. While those might not be the names every system uses they more or less perform the same job. The guest cannot make any serious changes to the system and also cannot access parts of the system. The normal user can make non serious changes and can access most parts of the computer or server. And the administrator can do whatever they want to on the system. They are also known as the root user. This is what you do not want any stranger to have access to when it comes to your computer.

So when you are running a server, make sure that you have the permissions on your files set up the right way. You do not want a stranger to be able to access important system files anytime that they want to. And you do not want the root user to be locked out of making changes when it is needed.


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