Make Sure Your Mobile Phone Is Locked Whenever You Are Not Using It

The safety of your mobile phone should be your number one concern right now. In the past the safety of your computer would have been your number one concern as far as your devices went but that is no longer the case. Now you should be aware of your phone and the dangers that could come about if it was to ever go missing. You are more likely to have more data on your smartphone than on your computer since you probably use it more. And that is why you have to think about phone safety more than you think about your computer these days.


When most people think about the safety of their phone they think about elaborate measures that will make sure that it is secure. They want to put on special software that will scan to see if anything is wrong with the phone. They want special software that will be able to scan the apps on the phone to make sure that they are not contacting an outside source that might be dangerous. These are all good things to have on your phone but sometimes you just want to start with the basics. There are all types of measures that you can take to make sure that your phone is safe but you might want to start with one measure that is the most obvious. Always make sure that your phone is locked when you are not using it.

And we do not mean that you should just let it go to a black screen saver when you are not using it. We mean that every time your phone goes to sleep you should need a password to make it wake back up. Some people wonder why you should go to all that trouble when you are using the phone almost all of the time. It is for those times that someone else is able to get their hands on the phone and you are not there to regulate what they see.

Sure this is something that would come in handy when your phone goes missing or is stolen by someone else but that is not the only time when it is helpful. It will also come in handy when you leave your phone in the living room and you have people over so that they can watch the football game. There are some nosy people out there and you do not want them to be able to go through your phone while you are not watching it. It is an invasion of privacy and it is a security risk as well. What if one of your friends brings over a guest that you do not know? And all of the sudden they had unfettered access to your phone? You do not know this person and you do not know if they have bad intentions or not. So it is better to be safe than sorry and stop them from even having a chance to look at what is on the inside of the phone.

There are all kinds of tools that will help you in the case if your phone is stolen. But you should also think about the basics when it comes to protecting the data that is on your phone as well. It is worth you having to type in a password all of the time to keep your phone safe. The alternative is just letting anyone who is able to touch your phone have access to all of the data that is stored on your phone.

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