Make Sure Your Company Is Not Part Of Some Planned Attack

When most people think of cyber crime, they think of a lone hacker going after someone. Or if they are going after a business, then they work on the problems for months until they figure it out. But these days that is not usually the case. The days of the threat of the lone hacker working the basement are long gone. While it is true that there are still black hat hackers that work by themselves trying to discover attacks, these days that is usually not who you have to worry about. These days you have to worry about coordinated attacks of hackers coming after you. Some of the attacks will be done by cyber gangs and some of the attacks will be done by state sponsored groups. By whoever is targeting you and your business this something that you really need to worry about.


And if you have a business you really need to be worried about a coordinated attack coming against you. In the past the black hat hackers of the world would only focus on attacks against big corporations. That is no longer the case anymore. When you are a hacker you want to be able to take the path of least resistance to accomplish your goals and big corporations are heavily secured these days. While there is more reward when attacking a bigger business it is also a lot harder thing to accomplish. So instead of going after the big boys, there are more and more black hat hackers who are going after small to medium sized businesses. And if you are a small business you need to be aware of that. You are targeted and you have to take action before you are attacked as well.

Just the other day there was word that a group of black hat hackers coming out of Russia were going to attack a lot of American based banks at once. And they were not just going to go after the big banks. They were going to go after the small banks as well. So they used a lot of hacker forums to try and recruit people would help them accomplish these goals. Stuff like this is on the rise and if you are a small business you should be concerned.

What you can do is take a lesson from the big boys and concentrate more on your cyber security. If you are business then you need to make sure that cyber security is in the top 5 list of items that need to be taken care of. There are too many businesses out there who think that no one is paying attention to them and they do not need to pay attention to the security aspect of their company. You would not say that about buying a lock to secure the front door of your business so why have that train of thought when it comes to the front door of your online home. The more security that you have installed in your business the less of a target you become. Like we said earlier, the bad guys like an easy target and the more work they have to do to get in your system, the less chances that they will want to deal with you.

When it comes to cyber crime it is something that is not going to go away. So make sure you are prepared. Just because you are small does not mean the cyber crime world is not going to pay attention to you.

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