Make Sure You Speak Up When You See Something Not Considered Secure Practice Being Done In Your Job

When people think of computer security they mostly think of people who are specialized experts and are trained in that area. And that is for good reason. Computers are very complicated machines and if you need to have one that is very secure then you should get an expert to help set it up. An expert will be able to tell you what is right and wrong and will be able to help fix it. But it does not always take an expert for someone to be able to follow good security practices. If you watch a couple of news segments and read a couple of blog posts, anyone is able to practice good security measures.


And that is why if you are at work or even if you are at home you need to speak up when you see the right thing is not being done when it comes to computer security. There are lazy practices being done all of the time, especially at the workplace. And those lazy practices can really come back to haunt you if your network system becomes exposed. Even if you are a normal person that is not considered a security expert you should not be scared to speak out when something dangerous is happening. If you saw someone pouring gasoline on the building, you would speak out then even though you are not a fire marshal wouldn’t you? So why not call someone when you see something dangerous on the computer as well?

As we said earlier, the average person is getting a lot of education lately when it comes to computer security because of the news. Computer security is a big subject these days and it really pays to listen to the tips that you hear. And you should really make sure that you do more than listen to them. You should follow them when you use the computer every day. You have to remember that the black hat hackers out there like to go after the easy prey. They do not like to go after the people who are going to give them trouble. When it comes to being safe online, following the proper security procedures will keep you and the company safe.

And do not be afraid to ask questions of what is the right thing to do when it comes to computer security. Everyone, even the experts, has to start somewhere and they are able to start by either looking up the answer online on Google or asking someone to help them out. If you work with someone who helps protect the network at your office ask them how you can be safer when you are using the computer. I am sure they will be glad to help you out because the safer you are when you are on their network the easier that their job becomes.

You should also not be afraid to tell the people that you know what you have learned. There is a good chance that most of the people that you know uses computers at some point during the day and you can help make them safer when they do. The computer can be a very scary thing to a lot of people but the more they learn the less scary that it becomes. And you can really help them out with that.

Overall when it comes to being safe on the computer, you should not be scared to help someone or point out to your boss when something is wrong. If you are able to stop a security leak then everyone will be glad that you did.

photo: diego.russo

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