Make Sure That You Pay Attention To The Hardware That You Install In Your Machine

The best thing about getting a new computer is the power that it seems to have. When you have a fresh computer it doesn’t have all of the extra stuff installed in it so it seems to you that it is going to go extremely fast forever. But then when you start to use the computer after a while you will start to notice the machine slow down. This is especially true if you do not do anything to try and speed it up. There are certain things that you can do, software wise, which will make the computer go faster. But when most people want to make the machine faster they start to add new parts to it.


The parts that they add can be an assortment of things. First of all, there are a lot of people who will start to add RAM to the computer. While additional RAM is good on your computer it only gives you the illusion of speeding up the computer. In reality what the RAM is actually doing is running more programs on your computer at the same time. The programs that are on your computer are loaded from the hard drive to the RAM and then to the CPU. When you have more room in RAM on your device then that means you are able to get more programs ready for the CPU.

But RAM is not the only thing that you can add to the computer to make it seem faster. You can add another hard drive that will speed up your computer. If you have a 5400 RPM hard drive then you can add a 7200 RPM hard drive. If you already have a 7200 RPM hard drive then you can install a SSD hard drive which is considered non movable. Once you have set that up then you will really be able to see the speed difference in the devices.

So now that we talked about the hard drive and the RAM there is one more piece that you can add that will make your computer faster. And that is a fast graphics card on your system. Graphics card will help the items that you look at on your screen move at a faster rate. Also you will be able to play bigger video games that you would not normally be able to play.

But with all of this speed that you are adding your system there is still other stuff that you have to worry about as well. And that stuff is the security of the hardware that you are adding to the machine. The hardware that you are adding is probably from many different places around the world. And that means you have to worry about malware being introduced through these devices. And yes it can happen because there are several reported incidences of just stuff like this happening every year. Anything that is able to connect to your computer is also able to infect it in some manner.

This is why governments are very stringent on what hardware they use on the computers that placed in their installations. That is because they know that hardware can be just as bad as software when it comes to installing malware.

When you are dealing with hardware you have to be just as careful as when you are dealing software. Hardware being installed on your system can hide many surprises. So just make sure that you are careful.

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