Make Sure That You Have A Backup Of Your Windows Disk Available At All Times

You know that sinking feeling that you have in your stomach right now? Yeah, that feeling is that something is wrong with your computer and you have no way to fix it right now. Usually when you have a problem with your computer you know that it is fixable by just rebooting the machine. A reboot almost seems magical because it makes most of the problems that you have go away. But sometimes when something goes wrong you can almost feel that a reboot of the computer is not going to help it. While you do not consider yourself a computer expert, you can just sense that the problem is severe and that you are going to need serious help if you are going to save your computer. And that is usually one of the worst feelings that you can have when it comes to your computer.


Normally there are several things that you can do to try and save your computer. It really all depends on what the nature of the problem is. Because there are so many things that could actually be wrong with your computer, we will start with the one thing that a Windows backup disk will not solve. And that is having a hardware failure happen on your computer. Yes, a lot of times when you get that sinking feeling in your stomach it is because the hardware on your computer has failed. While a hardware failure does not happen a lot, it does happen and it is not something that you can come back from. This is especially true if it is the hard drive or the motherboard that is the source of your hardware failure. You just have to buy a new one to replace the troubled part.

But most of the time it is not a hardware failure; it is something wrong with the software. And this problem is a lot more fixable. If the problem is that there is simply malware in your system then a simple antivirus scan will be able to help you with that. But sometimes the problem is that the malware did more than it would normally do. Sometimes there are times when the malware has really messed up system files that are on your computer and even with the infection pulled out, your computer is still not working correctly. This is when you need to have your backup disk ready.

Your backup disk will consist of either a true backup or it will consist of a system restore. A backup disk will install an entirely new operating system on your computer. The problem with this is while it will be able to get rid of any infection that is on your computer, it will also destroy any data that is stored on the machine a swell. While sometimes this step is necessary to be able to fix the problem with your computer, sometimes it is just overkill.

That is why you can go with the system restore option. A system restore option will turn your computer just like it was before the day it became infected. This way you have restored system files and you also get to keep the data that is on your computer. But you have to be aware that when you do this you can also possibly reintroduce the malware that was on your computer back again. You may not know when it was installed and just like all of the other programs on your system it is now back again.

So as you can see there is both good and bad with both a pure Windows backup disk and just a normal system restore. It is up to you to decide which path you want to take.

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