Make Money Online eBook Scam

Just recently, especially on a well known webmaster forum I frequent, I have seen a great many people offering ebooks for sale.

Whilst the selling of information may not be unusual or even anything new, it is the content and price that caught my attention.


On a site dedicated to webmasters that concerns itself primarily with methods of site promotion and tips for making money, the members are easy prey for ebooks that offer information on how to monetise your web site.

Often at $10 a go, these ebooks make claims about how you can follow the author’s tips and learn from their mistakes in order to make thousands of dollars per month.


No, not really.

You have to ask yourself -if the author can make thousands of bucks a month with this ‘secret’ information, why are they selling it for a mere $10?

It doesn’t make sense to give their secrets away so cheaply, thereby creating a huge amount of competition for their winning money making idea.

More often than not these ebooks are a scam, designed to extract money from the gullible for borderline useful information that could probably be found elsewhere anyway.

Stay clear!

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