LulzSec Take Down Soca In The Name Of #AntiSec

After allegedly taking down a couple of high profile US targets such as the US Senate and the CIA, the hacking group LulzSec have apparently now turned their attention onto the UK. Over here in Blighty this afternoon you wouldn’t have been able to access the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) website [].

The site has been accessible on occasion since but is currently down again as I write this. As the agency began an investigation it quickly became clear to Twitter users who may have been responsible –

LulzSec vs Soca

LulzSec vs Soca

As you can see in the image above, LulzSec tweeted, “Tango down – – in the name of #AntiSec”.

It looks like the Soca website was brought down by a DDoS attack which appears to have been confirmed by LulzSec themselves when they tweeted the following –

“DDoS is of course our least powerful and most abundant ammunition. Government hacking is taking place right now behind the scenes,”

LulzSec appear to be on a mission to cause problems for government web properties in a campaign it refers to as AntiSec. They are not, perhaps, all bad though as they do seem to have a soft spot for the Sega Dreamcast.

The questions raised by this latest incident, to my mind at least, are whose next and will LulzSec stop before they get caught (if they ever are)?

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