LulzSec: Do You Have To Be A Teenager To Be A Hacker?

As most of you probably know already, the latest alleged LulzSec member to be charged over alleged hacking offences has been named as Jake Davis, possibly aka “Topiary“.

Davis, 18, faces 5 charges and has a date with Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday where he will answer allegations that he carried out a DDoS attack against SOCA amongst other things. He was arrested in the north of the Shetland Islands on Wednesday.┬áScotland Yard claims the alleged hacker presents himself as a spokesman for LulzSec and Anonymous.

Jake Davis=Topiary?

Last month Ryan Cleary, 19, also suspected of being part of LulzSec, was arrested just down the road from me and he also faces 5 charges, including the attack against the SOCA website. And last week an unnamed 16 year old boy from south London was arrested and bailed as part of the ongoing investigation into Anonymous and LulzSec.

Now I don’t know about you but, whilst I expected LulzSec and Anonymous to have young members, I didn’t expect the people who are, questionably, at the higher echelons to be so young. Sure, thats one of the hacker stereotypes but, still, I expected some narked off elder people to be pulling all the strings.

Maybe they still are and we just don’t know?

Or maybe the kids are just getting better ‘organised’ in their attacks these days perhaps?

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