Hacked By Prime Suspectz Then Taken Over By The FBI

Old-time hacker group Prime Suspectz appear to have returned today along with a defacement of Said defacement didn’t last long though as the FBI would appear to have moved onto their turf already.


The defacement, which can still be seen courtesy of contained the following lyrical set of prose –

“Anonymous & LulzSec are the world’s biggest lamerz, they think leaking can make them big haxor? no, you are wrong! u will be never big hacker, ur the biggest lamers of this planet..people like you destroy the hacking scene, you use LOIC and thinking ur big hacker, hahahahaha!

we are not dead, big lamerz like u must be destroyed, also for sabu (the police snitch), you were the biggest n00b i ever talked to in 2004, using lame ssh exploits u could not even pwn a IE2-box, do not believe the media!! media delivering false news…sabu was the biggest n00b of this century, and nobody gives a fuck about ur lame leakz, anonymous ūüôā

but the show is not finished yet, we are not dead…we always watching u :)”
Prime Suspectz

But that message didn’t stay on page for very long however. If you visit now you’ll find the following message greeting you –


Guess the FBI > Prime Suspectz huh?

Mind you, all may not be as it seems here anyway – Lee J of has put some real effort into delving into this story and has found that there are some interesting goings on with IP addresses –

“The other website which shares the same IP as the¬†¬†currently does is¬†¬†and that is also displaying the same defacement page leaving one to think that is the main defacement as it shows up¬†in caches as a old¬†unused¬†Joomla¬†¬†website with no content.”

Read more about Lee’s findings at

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