Low Tech Ways That Will Allow You To Keep Your Computer Safe

We might be in the digital age now but not all of us act like it. There are still a lot of us who mix low tech ways with our high tech ways of doing things. Even though it might be more efficient to do the task at hand in a high tech way we still choose use the low tech way instead. Sometimes we do it because it is what we are used to doing. For example let’s say you need to write a note down real quick. These days the easiest way to get a task like that done is to pull out your smartphone and jot the note down. Even if that is the case you will still see a lot of people pull out their physical notepad and write the note down by hand. They will then take the note and fold up in their pocket so that they can carry around with them.


The problem is that people need to learn how to use their devices to their full capabilities. They are only using the easily discovered features and they are not learning how to get more out of their machine. Some of the people who are doing this are doing it because they are lazy and some people are doing it because they truly do not know all of the features that the phone has. They discover it slowly by playing with the phone so it may take a little while longer for them to discover that feature. So until then they still do things the old way even though they have the technology to be able to get the task done in a better way.

But sometimes a low tech solution really is the best way. For example if you are trying to keep your computer safe from someone there are a lot of solutions that you can use. But really the best solution is if you are not using the computer at the time; put it in a safe somewhere. Or take the battery out and the electric plugs so that it will not run until you put it back in. These are surefire low tech ways that will allow you to keep your computer safe. While they may be inconvenient they will more than likely keep your computer safe. While these two examples are of the extreme when it comes to low tech ways of keeping your computer safe there is more that you can do to allow that happen. In the next paragraph we will give more examples.

Usually the advice that you will hear in regards to writing your password down on a notepad is that you should not do it. And most of the time that is the right call. But if you are willing to go the extra step to make sure that it will work then you can still try it. Encryption seems to work when it comes to software and it can work in the real world as well. But the encryption does not have to be too complicated, just enough to throw nosy people off of the trail. But this notepad should only be kept at home and should never travel around with. So you should probably not do this with a laptop.

Another low tech way that will allow you to keep your computer safe is to buy a lock for it. There are a lot of computer locks on the market. Just pick one and put it on your computer. While this is not one hundred percent safe it will help alot if you ever lose your computer. They will have to break it to try and get in and then it is useless to them and your data is safe.

High tech is the answer in a lot of cases but sometimes the low tech solutions are just what you need to keep your computer safe.

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