Lori Drew To Be Acquitted In Megan Meier ‘Bullying’ Case?

Lori Drew, who stood accused of ‘cyber-bullying’ a young girl who later committed suicide, may have her conviction overturned by a US judge.

Judge George Wu has indicated that he will overturn the conviction of Drew, from Missouri,  who was alleged to have posed as a boy called ‘Josh Evans’ in a hoax on MySpace.


When ‘Josh’ later ‘dumped’ Megan Meier online the 13 year old committed suicide.

Last year Lori Drew was found guilty of illegally accessing computers but Judge Wu is now thinking of acquitting her as many people break the terms of service on social networking sites.

During Lori Drew’s trial prosecutors alleged that she set up a MySpace account in the name of Josh Evans in order to find out if Megan was spreading rumours about her daughter Sarah.

Drew was then alleged to have begun an online relationship with Megan which ended when a message was sent saying that, “the world would be better off without her.”

Drew’s lawyers had argued that,

“The government has created a fiction that Lori Drew somehow caused [Megan’s] death, and it wants a long prison sentence to make its fiction seem real.”

Here’s more on the original trial

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