Lookout For Permission Requests When It Comes To Facebook Apps

One of the best times for a lot of people when it comes to the internet is hanging out on Facebook. Before Facebook came around it was hard for a lot of casual users of the internet to find something to do. They would hear about all of these wonders of the internet but to them it was another world and they did not feel like exploring. But when Facebook came around, everything that they wanted to do was in one place. Now you could talk to your grandkids, while finding out what friends from your graduating high school class 40 years ago were doing now. And you could even play a game while you were doing all of this. That is the reason why Facebook was able to get so popular so quickly. And that is also why it is still such a huge hit to this very day. While the Facebook stock might not be the most popular investment out there, the Facebook website is still very popular and will be for a very long time.

Facebook apps

But while the Facebook website can be a lot of fun, there are some things that you have to look out for when you are using it. While when you are on Facebook it might seem like a nice little safe sandbox, in reality there is a lot of access points that the bad guys can sneak through with and you have to be aware of them. If you are not aware of them then you might be one of the ones that allow them to get through. And you hold a lot of personal information in your Facebook account. This is information that can be used against you at any time.

Like we mentioned earlier in the article, one thing that people like to do on Facebook is play games. And you are able to do that through the use of the Facebook app store. But there are more than games in the app store. There are all types of apps that you can use in there. And millions of people do this every day. But when you are dealing with the app store, you really have to be concerned. There are a lot of rogue apps in the app store. When we say rogue what we mean is that there are a lot of apps that seem safe but in reality they were set in there to hurt you.

That is why you have to be careful when you are giving apps permission to access your facebook profile. You never know which app is going to be used for normal purposes and which one is trying to data mine your account. Some of the rogue apps are even set up so that they can send the rest of your friends on the Facebook account messages which will infect their computers. The messages have a link that is inside of them and if anyone of your friends clicks on that link then their computer will become infected.

But that is a worst case scenario and more likely you really have to worry about people trying to take your information. That is why if you do not trust an app, you should really limit the permissions that you allow them. That goes for third party websites as well. Some of them use facebook for login purposes and they will also try to take extra information also.

Remember the apps on Facebook are fun but just like with anything else on the web, they can be dangerous as well.

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