Looking For Strange IP Addresses On Your Router

These days it seems like everyone has internet that is coming from their homes. While that is not true, there are a lot of people who have it. And surprisingly more people have the broadband version of the internet now more than they have the original 56k modem version. It was not that long ago where having a broadband version of the internet coming to your home made you someone special. But with all of the internet power that we are seeing, we are also taking notice of people properly using that internet power for their own uses. They are using the bandwidth that they are provided to be able to hook up more than one device to the internet. And they are able to do that by the use of a home router.


The router seems like a simple device but it is really quite complicated. It has been made easier to use over the years so that people would be able to hook up their homes to the internet not only with less problems but also in a more secure way. But under the hood of it the modern day router is really a mixture of two different devices. It is a part switch and a part hub. The switch is a device that allows you to spread your internet to different devices but the internet only goes to the device that it was meant to be sent to. The hub is a device that allows you to be able to be assign IP addresses to all of the devices that are connected to it. You put them together and you have a modern day router. In the past hooking up a router to your home network was quite hard and was the main reason why a lot of people did not have a router in their home for a few years after broadband became popular. Now that is no longer the case and it really only gets difficult when something goes wrong with the router.

What people do not realize is that there is a lot that you can do with the modern day router. And it would really benefit your internet browsing experience if you actually took the time to take a look at it and its settings. You do not have to worry about doing anything wrong because if you misconfigure anything you can simply just go back and hit the reset button which would bring it back to the original factory state that you bought it in. From there you could just follow the same steps that you took when it came to hooking it up in the first place.

One of the activities that you can do with your router is to see if anyone is on your internet connection that is not supposed to be there. There are a lot of people who will use their neighbour’s internet connection to be able to download illegal files. They do not want to be caught so they will use their neighbour’s connection to be able to get away with it. There are several ways that you can prevent that from happening but they are all rendered moot if someone is able to hack into your router. So you can check and see if there is any strange IP addresses that you are not aware of on the device. Just remember that these days your phone and tablets will be connected to the device as well. So do not think that anyone has hacked you because you see extra ip addresses that are not your computer and not your laptop. But if you count more than the devices that you have in the house then you would want to check that out.

photo: John “Pathfinder” Lester

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