Logging Your System Activity Is Very Important

When you run your own server you tend to want to know everything that is going on. The people who visit the websites on your server won’t feel as if they are safe if everything is not up to par and you want to do your best to make them feel as if everything is fine. That is why you must be serious when it comes to security. If you are not, then a black hat hacker is surely going to take advantage of your lack of security at some point in time. It does not matter if it is a virtual server or a normal one; you need to make sure that you are taking care of business when you run your own server.


And this is especially true when you are hosting other webmasters on your server. It is one thing when you are hosting your own website on the server. You can take the heat if anything happens to a website that you own. But if you are hosting other people’s websites on your server then it becomes a more difficult proposition. That person has to explain to the people who go to their website why the server is not secured and then you have to explain to them, after they have performed that deed and are very irritable, why the server was not secured. If you give the wrong answer or it happens too many times then they are sure to move to another web host as soon as possible. No one wants to take the chance that their website is going to be hacked, especially when it is not in their direct control.

There are certain tools that you can use to make sure that your website is safe. There is software out there that will monitor the sites and the server for you. And there is software that will scan for any malicious software on the server and get rid of it for you. But there is a tool that comes already installed on the server that you can use as well. This tool will allow you to keep an active track of what is going on in your server and all you have to do is check it for a few minutes a day. This tool is known as logging and will help keep you aware of any bad things that are happening on your server.

There are different parts of your server that will be logged at all times. The people who log in and out of your server will be logged. The email client on your server will be logged. And the time of life of the server will be logged. In some cases even the packets that go in and out of your server will be logged. All of this information is there and it will let you know if anything is happening on that server that is not supposed to happen. And again, all you have to do is check it every now and then you will see what is going on with your website.

If there are a lot of people who use your server then you might not be able to check every piece of information that comes in through the log. That is why there is software out there that will let you know if something strange is happening on your logs. It will monitor everything that is happening so you do not have to.

If you want to make sure your website is safe then you should make sure that you check the logs on a regular basis. They are your eyes and ears when it comes to your website.

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