Listen To Your Instincts When You Are In The Google Apps Store

While it may seem like they are fairly new inventions, the smartphone has been around for a long time now. It has been at least a decade since they were first introduced. Of course the smartphones that were first introduced were nowhere near as powerful as they are now but for the time they were pretty remarkable phones. But no matter how remarkable they were no one could see what they would become in less than a decade. No one could see that they would be as powerful as the top of the line computers of the time.


And yet here we are now. We are in an age where we have mini supercomputers in our pocket. When we walk down the street we have more computing power than the original computers that launched man into space for the fits time did. So now the question becomes how do you become responsible for having so much power in your pockets? And how do you keep other people from being able to exploit the power that is in your phone. Yes, the bad guys are slowly moving away from your computer and now they are starting to look at your phone as a vector for attack.

They are looking at your phone because of the reasons that we gave earlier. Your phone is a powerful device and they can do a lot of attacks that they normally would not be able to do on a phone with lesser power. They can treat your phone just like a normal computer and that is to their advantage. They also know that you keep a lot of personal information on your phone. This is especially true with the amount of banking and budgeting apps that are on the market. But the questions still remains, how are they getting on your phone in the first place?

Well there are several ways that the bad guys are able to get on your smartphone but for right now we are going to focus on the marketplace. And we are only going to focus on the Google Play marketplace right now. Yes, you are able to become infected in the Apple iTunes marketplace but there are a few more security protections that are available to you now on iTunes than there are on Google Play.

When it comes to the Google Play store you must be careful where you go. It is just like going to websites that you do not know, there are some places that are dangerous and some places that are just fine. Since the marketplaces of these phones are so new there is not really any precedent on how to definitely check on which apps are good and which apps are bad. That is why you have to be able to go with your gut instinct. Most of the time, you will be able to stay safe if you listen to that little voice in your head.

But Google has made some security strides in recent months. They are not just letting the bad guys take over the marketplace and not doing anything about it. Recently they have implemented new security protections that seem to be working. When a developer uploads an app now, it is checked for any security problems that it might have. It is checked to see if it is a malware or a virus of some kind. If it passes the test then it is able to be uploaded to the marketplace. This has seriously reduced the amount of security problems that happen in the Google play store now.

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