Links In Your Text Messages Should Be Avoided If At All Possible

When we first started to see to the rise of cell phones everywhere a lot of people did not see the need for them. During that time all they knew was that you only needed one or two phones per household, why would you need a phone with you all of the time. Once the cell phones started to go global then people started to see the need for cell phones and how it was a technology that can be beneficial as well as handy to have. Then down the line these same cell phones started to come with added extra features. One of those features was the ability to be able to text anyone else who had a phone that was capable of it.


Soon we started to see a lot of phones out there with SMS capabilities to them. But once again we ran into the same problem that we did when we first started to see the original cell phones introduced. People would wonder why you needed to text someone when you can just have a conversation with them right there on the phone. And that was a good point. But pretty soon people started to see the usefulness of the text messaging technology. And not only did they start to see it as useful; they started to like it more than the normal talking capabilities of the phone.

With text messaging you are able to keep the messages short and sweet. And not only that, with text messaging you are able to have a conversation while you are doing something else. It is easy to send messages back and forth to someone else while you are in the middle of doing something like cooking or cleaning the house. Some people take it too far and they use the text messaging technology when they are not supposed to. They use it when they are in the car and they are in the middle of driving. That is not a good idea at all and it is something that should be avoided at all cost.

But there is another problem with the modern day text messaging technology besides using it while you are driving. These days there are black hat hackers out there who see it as another vector when they are planning their attacks. With text messaging you are able to send and click on links just like you can when you are visiting a web page. The bad guys have decided to take advantage of that and just like on the web; they will send you to dangerous spots with malware that might take over your phone.

While malware is the most inconvenient attack against your phone when it comes to the SMS vector, it is not the only one. There are people out there who like to use the SMS capabilities on phones to be able to send spam messages as well. They know that spam messages delivered through text messaging has advantages. They know that the people who receive it will not be expecting it. This means that they are more likely to click on it thinking that it is a legit message. When you are on the web you kind of have an ideal when it comes to spam messages. But when you are on your phone, unless you start to see them all of the time, you can easily become fooled.

None of these attacks would be worth it of people would stop clicking on text messaging links from people that they do not know.

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