Like Social Networks? Then Learn The Privacy Controls On Each Site You Visit

I do not have to tell you what has been the biggest phenomenon when it comes to the web in the last few years. It has been of course social network websites. Starting off with Facebook, and then followed by Twitter, social networking websites has been huge in the past few years. There have been movies and stock market IPO’s and it doesn’t look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. There is a really big reason why these types of sites are so huge now. It is because people like to use them so much.


But it is not like social networking is a new phenomenon. So why is it so big now? It is big now because it is done right and there are enough people who use the internet now that the amount of people who join these types of websites can be huge. If you think about it, when a social network like MySpace was at its peak, there were only half the people on the internet that there is now. Now it is a different story and everyone is on the internet no matter how old or how young.

But if you are going to be on websites such as this then there are a few rules that you are going to have to learn. And I am not talking about the unwritten social critiques that exist in all social network websites. Some are very different than others. No, I am talking about the rules when it comes to guarding your privacy and making sure that you are safe on these types of websites. Too many people have had their business put out for the public to see because they made a mistake when it came to the social network of choice of privacy settings. You have to realize that for most items that you share, the default is public unless you choose to make it not.

For example you can take a look at Twitter. The default of Twitter is to make everything that you post public. That means that the world is able to see it. But there are ways to make a private post as well. You can use the mechanism that is known as DM. The letters DM stand for direct message. This way you are able to send someone else an item that you do not want the public to see. But you have to remember that it is very easy on Twitter to get mixed up and not make a message private. It happens all of the time. That is why you have to be really careful when you are trying to send a private message on Twitter.

It is the same story on facebook as well. With Facebook you have several options when it comes to privacy settings. You can pick different settings that give different people access to the items that you post. There are some items that you want private, some items that you want only friends to see and some items that you do not mind for the public to see. Also for further privacy on Facebook you can choose to send a private message or you can instant message the person directly so that it is only you and them talking.

If you are going to join a social network then you have to make sure that you understand how to send items in private. If you do not then you can have the wrong item being viewed by the public.

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