Let Your Server Talk To You To Let You Know It Is Being Attacked

When you are someone who has a business on the web, you may not realize it, but your server is the best friend that you have. When you are trying to make money on the web it is not going to be possible without the help of a reliable server on your side. That is why you have to treat your server as if it was your best friend. And that means you also have to help keep it from being attacked. And one of the ways that you can do that is by setting the server up so that it can talk to you when it feels that something is wrong.


Most of the time you do not realize that the server is being attacked until you can physically see it. That means you see that a web page has been defaced or there are some files on the server that you did not put there. But if you learn how to really interact with your server and become familiar with everything that it can do then you would not have to wait until that point to see that it was attacked. You will both be able to see the signs and also listen to it by it sending you an alert telling you that something is wrong.

Yes, there are programs out there that will help your server alert you to when something wrong. There are many of these types of programs on the market and they come with all different types of configurations. You just have to figure out which type that you need. Do you need a program that will alert you when your configuration files have been changed? Or do you need a program that will send you a text message alert every time someone tries to log into the system. This really all depends on what you think you need to keep your server safe and secure from the bad guys.

Because there are so many of these types of programs, you really have to pick and choose what you need. And that really all depends on what kind of services you are using on your server. If you are running a website that takes a lot of input from the end users then you may need alerts when someone is trying to do a XSS attack. Or if you are running a server that allows people to upload files, then you might need an alert set up when someone is trying to upload a file that has been marked as dangerous. The alert will allow you to quickly identify the IP address and then you can decide your course of an action from there.

But you have to realize that you also need to know what to do with these problems after you have been alerted. Just being told something is going wrong is not good enough. You have to be able to see it through and fix the problem at its root. And that means you really have to get to know your server and all of the extra things that it can do.

Having your server talk to you helps you establish a relationship between the two of you. If your business is relying on your server then you cannot treat it just like you do your smartphone. You have to really start to understand the backend of the system and all that it entails. And having it tell you what is wrong with it is the first step in doing this.

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