Let Your Children Access The Net Safely With KidRocket

A couple of months ago I wrote about some child-safe browsers that I came across.

Here is one of them in more detail : KidRocket.

Just as the name suggests, KidRocket is a computer application developed for Kids.

KidRocket is actually a wonderful web browser which allows your kids to learn more about computers in an interactive manner. At the same time KidRocket keeps your desktop safe from those same jubilant, curious and sometimes naughty children!

I would say that KidRocket is aimed at younger children, much as I concluded with Kido’z.

The best thing about KidRocket is that its a standalone application. You do not have to install this application on your computer to make use of it.

KidRocket is completely different from other conventional kid browsers.

Instead of limiting access to the Internet, or filtering unauthorized content, KidRocket completely blocks the Internet and allows your children to use trusted web sites only.

What exactly can this innovative kids Internet browser provide your kids with though?

You cannot keep your kids in the dark about computers these days – they are here to stay and your children will have to use them as they get older.

KidRocket allows you to completely lock your desktop and provides a completely different environment for your kids, where they can learn, play and have fun.

Below are some of the amazing features of KidRocket –

  • ART

Here, your children can show their artistic ideas with different colors.

Your child can either choose Doodle or StarBrite to put their decorated and colorful ideas onto the desktop.

  • MATH

This web browser is not all about fun though, it is in fact meant for learning too.

By chosing the MATH option, your kids can brush up their fundamental mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

This feature provides questions to your kids in the form of flash cards, which makes it an intuitive and fun learning tool.


Your children can get used to using email here in a manner that is totally safe.

Using KidRocket, your kids can send emails to their grandparents, friends and relatives.

Your kids can even take prints of their emails.

You also have the option of blocking this email feature if you should consider it to be an unsafe option.


Here you get to access the timer which can control how much access time your kids are allowed to have.

Once the alloted amount of time is over the application is closed automatically.

I would imagine that most parents would love this feature!


Launch is perhaps the most interesting feature offered by KidRocket.

This feature allows your kids to use some of the kid safe web sites which can both educate and interest them whilst guaranteeing their safety at the same time.

You can just relax while your children browse, learn and play on the safest web sites present on the world wide web.

With KidRocket installed on your computer, you can allow your kids to use a computer in the safest possible way.

You don’t need to worry about the important files on your computer and you don’t need to be apprehensive about the web sites your kids are viewing.

Get your computer equipped with KidRocket, and allow your kids learn and play on their computer in the safest possible environment.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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