Leaving Your Browsers On When You Are Not There

When you are living a full life in this day and age you can sometimes get a little busy. And this happens to a lot of people. When you have a full time job and a family, you will find very little time to do things on your own. And sometimes to make up that time you will take little shortcuts during your average everyday routine. And that includes when you browse the web on your computer {Guilty!}.

When you are on your computer you will do little things that you are not supposed to do in the name of speed. You will tend to not lock the password on your opening home screen. You know the screen that asks you to log in when you first turn the computer on. That is there for your protection and is not there for just decoration. And people will even keep their passwords in plain sight so that they do not have to look for them later. That is a very dangerous thing for you to do and leaves you open to anyone who can physically see them. But there is something bigger that people do when they are on the computer to save time but that can also end up being dangerous. It is something that may seem very harmless but in reality is not. And that is that they keep their browser windows open when they are not on the computer.


Leaving your browser on may seem to be a simple thing to do but just think about it. These days most of a person’s time is spent in the browser on their computer. Most people have computers in their home these days so that they can use the internet. So it makes sense that they are going to want to get on and off the browser as quick as possible. So what a lot of people do is leave the browser on. Besides causing the browser to slow down a little bit and eat up memory this should be a totally safe action right? Well it is if you live alone and you have no one that comes into your house at anytime. But how many of us live in that type of situation? No, most of us live with someone else and there is a good chance that they walk by your computer all of the time. And if you leave your browser on, they can do more than just walk by your computer.

Even if you trust the people that are in your home, you do not want them having access to everything that you do on the computer. It is just not smart to give that much access to yourself to someone else. Unless that other person is your wife or husband and even then people usually do not give out 100% information to their significant other. And when you always leave your browser open you may expose more than you mean to.

The biggest danger when it comes to leaving your browser is not the privacy factor as we have been discussing in this article. The biggest danger comes when you have the browser save all of your passwords and another person is able to easily get to them. It is not hard for a person to be able to retrieve the passwords that you save with the browser. In Firefox, a very secure browser, all it takes is to hit three buttons and they are right there. Other browsers are just as easy as well.

When you have a browser open and you are not on the computer, you are leaving your computing history for that day and maybe many days open for anyone to see.

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