Learning To Spot Security Holes In JavaScript Is A Must

When the JavaScript language first made its appearance in the computer world, programmers derided it as a toy language. They thought that it was not powerful and there was no need for its existence. It also didn’t help that each browser made their own interpretation of the JavaScript interpreter. Each time you would try to write an app that used a heavy amount of JavaScript you would find that it was hard to do so. This was because of the fact that whatever worked in one browser would not necessarily work in another. So you had to try your best to make sure that most of the people who visited your site would be able to see it. When you add these two factors together you can see why JavaScript was not very popular in the web programming community.

Learning To Spot Security Holes In JavaScript Is A Must

But over the years, these problems became less and less. There was more work done to the JavaScript interpreter and many of its functionalities became standard. This work led to an easier to use application and more people experimenting with it. So we now have the JavaScript that we have today.

And you are really starting to see JavaScript in more places than ever. There are two factors which led to the cause of this. One factor was the popularity of a technology that is called AJAX. While Microsoft invented the technology it was Google who made it popular with their Gmail application. The other reason for the explosion in popularity is because you now have a lot of easy to use libraries out there. Libraries such as JQuery and Prototype make it easier to program in JavaScript. You do not have to deal with all the messy parts like you did before.

But it is because of this explosion in JavaScript it now pays for a web programmer to be able to spot security holes in the actual script you create in JavaScript. More and more hacks are coming from the browser side of things and if you are not able to spot a security hole then your visitors can be put at risk. A hacker can easily use a hole in your JavaScript to be able to attack your site. This is especially true if you’re using AJAX techniques.

As a web programmer you have to be ready for the fact that JavaScript is not going away anytime soon. If you want to make sure that you are using it right then learn how to spot security holes in your code.

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