Learning Security Lessons From Unusual Places

When you think about learning computer security you often think of two places. You either start by learning it yourself or you go to a school that will teach you. In the past it was all about doing it by yourself. That meant going to a computer security forum and trading secrets with friends. But these days there are schools that will teach you computer security and a lot more people are starting to take advantage of that. But these days while you have both the go it on your own option and the go to school option, those are only the most popular choices. There are other choices you can use when you are trying to learn computer security that are a little less obvious.


Using open source software

One way that you can start to learn about computer security is go to the many open source software repos that are out there and start to look around. You have many options on which way you can go. You can look at different open source security projects and see how they are made and what solutions do they solve. You can also join several of the many open source community projects and become someone who volunteers to help out and find security holes. You are not being paid for this job so you can take your time and really start to look around to see how it is done. This is the perfect place to learn while you go.

Using youtube and other video sites

Some people learn better by using video and not by reading. If you are one of these people then you are in luck. If you go to a video hosting web site like youtube you will find that there are lots of videos on there that will teach you about computer security. Not only will they teach you about computer security but they also have videos that will show you real life hacking sessions in progress. This is a great way to learn and you will be able to gain a lot of experience. And youtube is not the only place that will show you this. There are a lot of video hosting web sites where you will find this information.

When you are trying to learn about a topic it helps to find out as many alternatives as possible. When it comes to computer security we have given you many that you can try out for yourself. You can also use a mix and match approach if you want as well.

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